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Rivah House

July 28, 2011

Lisa and I went photowalking tonight, and we both came up with some great stuff. So much so, that she started her own project. She says she’s “blaugmenting” the other fredericksburg. Check it out at

Inside Jokes

June 22, 2011

Sometimes it may seem as if I’m writing this blog as a dialogue between Geoff and I. Well…I know that there’s at least one or two other people checking out the blog, so I figured I should at least give you a, albeit artfully obscured, photo of my partner in crime, Geoff Greene.

And here’s a lovely sky with a 7-11 in the way. This one’s not technically in Fredericksburg, but it’s close enough.

On Merchant Square

June 17, 2011

Been a while…

June 15, 2011

But we’re back and ready to go! Summer’s here, which means Geoff and I will be cruising the streets every chance we get. This started as a small personal project over a year ago, but there are some big things to come for the Other Fredericksburg! Next May and June the work will be displayed in a solo show in downtown Fredericksburg at a very popular spot…I’m not quite ready to divulge more info, but you’ll know soon! Lisa and I are also mulling over a possible coffee table book that might be ready to go in time for the winter holidays. Stay tuned!



I had to revisit one of my favorite subjects. I like this one.

On Caroline, again

March 7, 2011

Blowing Smoke

March 7, 2011

Jail Alley

February 26, 2011