On the Way to Carl’s

May 19, 2010

Speaking of iconic buildings, Carl’s would be the obvious choice. But I love Dinty Moore’s. Something about the typeface that does it for me. Or maybe it’s the ceramic swan.  Geoff and I ended up at Carl’s for hot fudge sundays. However, that poor building has been photographed so many times (more than a few by me), that I just had to leave it be this time around. Has anyone actually eaten at Dinty Moore’s? Thanks for stopping by, and hit me in the comments if you’ve had the pleasure of a meal at Dinty Moore’s.

4 Responses to “On the Way to Carl’s”

  1. TK42ONE says:

    Not at Dinty Moore’s, but I have eaten at Anne’s Grill which is right next door. And I believe it’s even connected inside and run by the same people. Not sure though, it’s been awhile.

  2. Aaron Spicer says:

    I wondered about that. Was it any good?

  3. Larry says:

    I have eaten at Dinty Moore’s back in the day. My ex wife’s parents took me there when they were back in town. They lived in Fredericksburg from 1957 to 1972, and the father, who owned a local oil distribution company, would eat breakfast in there most mornings. The people who owned it were really nice, and they even remembered him over 20 years later! The coffee was strong, the eggs were nice and greasy, and the scrapple was amazing! It wasn’t the cleanest place in the world, but then who wants a clean “greasy spoon” joint anyway? The quirkiest thing I remember about that place was that the bathrooms were downstairs….the building was so small, you had to be a part of the conversation just by the act of sitting at the counter. I was sad to see it closed down, but I could see where it had run its course.

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