The Pump House

July 30, 2011

I’ve always been captivated by this building down by City Dock. I want to know the story of it’s owners. Someone please make that happen. I also want it to be my studio.

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  1. alex Grissom says:

    Former Fredericksburg, Va., Mayor Bill Beck is by most accounts a pretty conservative guy. But in 1997 he let his wild side come out when he bought a six-story concrete pump house on the Rappahannock River and set out to turn it into a weekend retreat.

    The tall, narrow building was just one open shaft, so Beck had to add two floors to create a living space. The original water filtration and pumping machinery still sit in the basement of the building. The walls are five-feet thick to guard against flooding. With their living space perched high above, Beck is living high and dry and loving life.

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