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Fredericksburg Cemetery

July 27, 2010

The heat finally broke yesterday, so Lisa and I got out for some much needed downtown exploration. Though I’ve driven by it a million times, I had never been in the Fredericksburg Cemetery. Took a walk around Kenmore afterwards, and found a sweet car from the future. More to come from the cemetery and Kenmore tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, and if you’re diggin’ the blog, please consider joining us over on Facebook at .

Radio Tower…

July 14, 2010

At least that’s what I think this is. Thought I’d post something safe after scaring you away with my creepy doll. I love the way this thing looks at dusk.

On Caroline

July 9, 2010

Trying to get back into the swing of things here at The Other Fredericksburg. I’ve been shooting weddings every weekend for the past, well, forever. Anyway, the heat finally broke, and Lisa and I went out for coffee at Hyperion this morning. The ¬†light was great. What goes well with great light? Creepy dolls, that’s what. I love how she seems to be watching the car drive by. I mean, when you’re a creepy doll stuck in a window display, what else do you have? Thanks for stopping by. I hope to get some solid work done on the project in the next few weeks!